Cleary Construction Inc. has the experience, knowledge and training to perform all aspects of Water related projects from raw intake to tap. With over 28 years of experience working with municipalities, Engineers, and the public sector, we are confident you will agree “Quality is Clear”.

Raw Water Intakes
Treatment Plants
Transmission Line Installation
Distribution Lines

Booster Station Installation



Cleary Construction Inc. has the capability, experience, and equipment to install both low and high pressure steel and HDPE natural gas lines and natural gas facilities. CCI can meet the needs of any customer, either a municipality or private sector. With our capabilities, we are confident you will agree “Quality is Clear”.

Metering and Regulating Stations
Transmission Pipelines
Distribution Pipelines


Cleary Construction Inc. has all the equipment, from large excavators, to de-watering pumps, to trench shields to properly and safely install Deep Gravity Sewer of all sizes along with all appurtenances associated. With an on staff Registered Professional Engineer, we have the capability to design safety systems for our employees allowing them to safely install deep gravity sewer over 20 vertical feet deep. CCI has the ability to construct both pre cast and cast in place pump stations. Additionally, CCI has many years of experience associated with Sewer Force Mains by installing large diameter forcemains, treatment plant modifications and new additions. With our vast knowledge, proper equipment, safety training and personnel, we are confident you will agree “Quality is Clear”.

Interceptor Installation
Trunk Line Installation
Pump Stations
Force Main




Cleary Construction Inc. has vast experience in earth work and site prep for any job. Cleary offers a vast knowledge in Rock Removal by drilling, blasting, hydraulic hammer breaking, and rock trenching, all the while providing the necessary equipment and experience to safely and efficiently complete the project. We have the benefit of an on-staff Engineer to ensure turn-key conception to grand opening. We strive to practice a high degree of safety while meeting OSHA and MSHA standards.

Site Preparation
Rock Removal
Material Removal & Placement
On-Site Storm Water Storage


Cleary Construction can handle all Treatment Plant additions or modifications, including all appurtenances associated with making the facilities complete and ready for the customer to operate. Cleary will operate within your time frame and produce a quality product ready to serve the public.

Waste Water Treatment Plant Modifications
Water Treatment Plant Modifications
Sewer Treatment


Cleary Construction Inc. has the capabilities to offer Design- Build options to clients. With an on staff Professional Engineer that is a LEED Accredited Professional and has Green experience, planning, and land surveying capabilities, Cleary can provide an all-in-one service. What better way to complete a project, than to have one entity do the entire job so no communication is lost? Cleary Construction Inc. will handle the job with precision and efficiency, proving to you that “Quality is Clear”.

LEED Accredited Professional
Employment Opportunities

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